Creative Consulting

Uncertain times like these require businesses to find creative solutions. We can help! Our creative strategists analyse our clients’ challenges, bring in new ideas and concepts, and translate them into strategies and hands-on solutions. And our team of designers and copywriters then assist in realising those solutions. 


After years of experience in branding, strategy and communication for the fashion, beauty & lifestyle industry, BMG’s founder and CEO has combined her knowledge and experience into one unique coaching process. You’ll get the practical and creative boost you need to turn your fashion, beauty and lifestyle business into a brand, and to position yourself well in the market.  

Turning a brand into a profitable business is more than just a pretty logo developed without vision or focus on what you want to radiate and what you want to attract. Successful beauty entrepreneurs take a much wider look at their visual brand.

Our founder and CEO also gives one-on-one coaching through a private master class where you work on the foundation of your company and learn the tools to get more results from your social media. You’ll also learn how to further implement your branding online through your websites and social accounts, and how to execute professional photography (including exclusive styling tips).

Our founder is as passionate about beautiful design as guiding and advising fellow female entrepreneurs, helping them take their businesses to the next level!