"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time."

Our team’s high-end events management experience produces tailored, press-worthy events no matter the budget. 

We harmonise the event with your brand image, from the sponsorships to entertainment, catering, and even the guest list.


Once your event is over it doesn’t mean the end of the work for BMG, we make sure that the event assets such as photography and videography are disseminated through the right channels. We have close links with events press and will work to make sure your photos appear on party pages and online platforms. We maximise social media around the event by generating hash tags and integrating a relevant blogger network thereby encouraging ‘sharing’ and promoting your event via word of mouth.


Press trips and dinners go a long way to strengthen a brands relationship with pivotal players in the industry. From factory visits, evenings out, to one on one dinners, we make sure that relationships are cemented and press are left with a strong sense of your brands personality and ethos.