PR & Media

The more you dream, the farther you get.

BMG’s approach to PR is one of duality, understanding the necessity to look to the future and engage in modern methods, whilst maintaining a traditional sensibility in the way in which we communicate.

BMG produces PR strategies in order to drive sales, taking into account: stock drops, trends, the changing seasons and major cultural events.


In this international market BMG realises the importance of brand visibility in all arenas. Product placement in TV and film is one way to add a different dimension to your brand’s global presence, as well as aligning your brand with high profile actors and industry professionals. We are constantly in touch with stylists and costume directors to make sure our clients have exposure in this arena.


At BMG we work with brands wanting to increase their visibility at key fashion weeks. Whether it be catwalk shows, presentations, events or designer collaborations, BMG can work with you to maximise exposure and ensure you are a part of these important dates in the fashion calendar.


BMG works relentlessly to develop a continuous global network of profound and influential protagonists from celebrities and established musicians to emerging artists with future prowess. All are commanding the attention of the potential consumer on a daily basis, and your brand seen on the right person will encourage customer interaction with your product at retail level. Not to be overlooked, this is a vital tool to building success.


We will work with you to find the perfect ambassador or celebrity figure to fit your brand. We have built up close relationships with leading celebrity stylists and music managers that allow us to align our clients with the right big names in the music, TV or film industries.


– Collaborations

– Charity Projects

– Event Curation


When it comes to the business end of the industry, BMG is both competent and experienced in dealing with the press, using rhetoric conducive to ensure careful management of delicate information.

We can both protect your brand and enhance your company’s reputation through intelligent, educated discourse.


Through our network of key commentators and retailers, BMG is able to engage at speed with the consumer in their chosen environment. BMG can pinpoint and strike when and where the iron is hot to ensure the consumer is engaged with the growth of your brand.


If you have a PR or media problem not listed here we’d love to help you solve it! We are creatives with experience in strategy, branding, concept and business planning, copywriting, and PR. We love using our talent and skills to find new solutions for our clients!