Are you an entrepreneur with a fashion, beauty or skincare business? Do you want to turn your business into a brand? Do you want more customers and turnover through focus, discover what you stand for, learn how to distinguish yourself and develop a branding that you are proud of and that suits you? In 6 to 8 weeks, this foundation will be in place, you will know who your ideal customer is, what your unique signature is and we have created a visual concept with branding that fits like a glove. I teach you how to strengthen your online position and I guide you in the creation of social media and content, with specific attention to Instagram. You get all this in a mega concrete step-by-step plan.


  • Are you unable to establish business as a brand?
  • Do you lack focus?
  • Does your business or brand have no foundation?
  • Don’t you know what makes you unique and what exactly you stand for?
  • Are you not reaching your ideal customer (yet)?
  • Are you not achieving the desired turnover with your business?
  • Don’t you dare to ask the price you are worth for your services?
  • Are you not satisfied with your current (online) branding?
  • Do you want to discover how you stand out online with your brand?
  • Are you done with your social media is a mess?
  • Would you like tools & inspiration to create your own creative content?


  • Have a clear vision and strong foundation of your business?
  • Attract your ideal customer?
  • Discover what you stand for and how you stand out online with your unique qualities?
  • Better online visibility?
  • A distinctive branding that suits YOU and ensures more customers and turnover?
  • A strong social media image that matches your brand, who you are and what you do?
  • Learn what it takes to stand out from the crowd online?
  • Know what your unique signature is, what you are going to tell and share on social media?
  • Learn how to approach Instagram, what content you can create and how to get more results out of your Instagram?
    (Specific attention for Instagram, because this is the platform for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry,
    but the step-by-step plan is also applicable on Facebook)
  • Learn how to easily make Instagram-worthy photos yourself and how to style them?



Before you start developing strong branding, it is important that you have the foundation of your business, that you know why you do what you do and where you want to go with your business. You know who your ideal customer is and what makes you unique. With online training and assignments you will get started and go into depth. Then I guide, advise and direct you where necessary, in order to arrive at a strong foundation.



In this phase you learn how to turn a business into a brand. It is more than just a logo! We will work with the visual concept of your brand. Where do you want to go with your business, what do you want to radiate? I then develop strong branding for you. You will receive a complete set with logo and corporate identity (design business card or appointment card, price list, gift voucher, stickers, bag, rolling paper, window / facade, digital signature, social media templates and an option of your choice: aftercare card, thank you card, etc.), whereby everything has been thought of and that fully matches your foundation!



In the last phase I teach you how you can not only implement your corporate identity online, but also how you can add value and attract your ideal customer with your social media. I teach you how to easily create content. You will receive a concrete step-by-step plan on how to tackle Instagram in particular, including inspiration and practical examples for your content, with which you can immediately start working in practice.
Extra bonus: you learn how to take, style and edit photos yourself.



After the online program, I will support you for another 3 months. Every month a coaching conversation through a call, where we can spar about the progress, challenges and steps you are taking, so that you stay focused. You can also ask your questions and ask for feedback on a weekly basis via email and WhatsApp.